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CardioSecret is no longer Available

A message from Dr. Marc himself…

"I so believe in my New Ideal Cardio FormulaTM that I'll make this guarantee: Visit your doctor and have a complete set of cardiovascular labs done. Then, take the new Ideal Cardio Formula with the secret ingredient every day for 30 days and have your blood work checked again. If you and your doctor are not satisfied with the changes in your key parameters of cardiovascular function, we will refund your money."

– Dr. Marcus L. Gitterle, M.D.

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Dr. Marc Gitterle's New Ideal Cardio Formulaô (with the secret ingredient) is designed to support normal structure and function to help -

• Lower bad cholesterol
• Increase good cholesterol
• Remove a powerful toxin from the bloodstream
• Protect the all important blood platelets from attack by environmental toxins
• Protect blood vessel walls
• Works within 30 days
• 90-day money-back Guarantee

CardioSecret is no longer Available

Dear Friend,

Look in the mirror....

Can you tell what your cholesterol level is?

I couldn't either by just looking at myself.

So I had blood work done. To my surprise, it revealed that mine is high.


I couldn't believe it.

Not only am I in the best shape of my life, have just lost 80 pounds, work out every day, and eat right… but I feel fine.

That's the trouble with cholesterol: You can't “feel” if it's high or low.

It's a tricky devil, isn’t it?

I grew concerned about mine. I researched online but got confused with all the promises of reduced cholesterol with questionable pills, some natural, some prescribed.

Prescriptions and Side-Effect Dangers

While some must take prescription medications for cholesterol, I am one of the lucky few whose doctor has not (up to now) recommended such medications for me. The side-effects of some of those drugs send chills up my spine.

You can take them for months and even years and never cure the problem at all. You just regulate it at great expense financially and with possible dangerous side effects.

A report by Jonathan Campbell on March 16, 2004, stated --
”Numerous adverse side effect reports have implicated a certain cholesterol lowering drug as a possible cause for severe neuromuscular degeneration. Some people who have been using Lipitor for two years or more report symptoms similar to multiple sclerosis or ALS—Lou Gehrig's Disease—in which they are losing neuromuscular control of their bodies.”


Who wants to take a prescription that may cause more harm than good? Not me.

What was I to do? If there was any other way, I needed to know.

I called a friend of mine who is a medical doctor and an emergency room physician. His name is Dr. Marcus Gittlerle.

A Natural Solution Discovered
Cardiovascular Protection in 30 Days

Dr. Gitterle is an anti-aging specialist. He is also director of the emergency room at the hospital nearest to me. He teaches health, practices medicine, and loves research.

He told me there is a natural product that supports more beneficial changes in the cardiovascular system within 30 days than anything previously available, to achieve and maintain a healthy status. 

What you have to do is take two capsules at dinner.

That's it.

He's so confident it will work for anyone that he says to take your blood work now, and then take it after 30 days of using his formula. He says expect  your cholesterol to be lower.

But more importantly, he says it normalizers function in ways that go way beyond simply normalizing cholesterol.

I know Dr. Gitterle loves what he calls evidence-based formulas. These are combinations of ingredients with scientific proof that they work.

I also know he works with pharmaceutical labs to make the formula to FDA standards, so he doesn't offer some home remedy made in someone's kitchen.

I asked him what was in the capsules.

"It's completely natural." There's Policosanol, B-6, Methyl B-12, Reseveratrol, and the best grape extract available," he explained. And also, something truly incredible and hard to find; you might as well call it the secret ingredient."

Will it help me keep my cholesterol in the normal range?

The evidence from a number of studies show that it will support normal cholesterol levels, the good doctor said. "But it alone isn't enough. It's the right combination of effects, It's called 5-formyl-tetrahydrofolate, that's what counts."

He went on to explain, if you bought all the ingredients in his formula separately, you would pay about $80 and have to take ten pills ? and even then you wouldn't get the exact ratio of supplements that would help you the most.


But then Dr. Gitterle said something that made me sit up and notice.

Brace yourself --

New Secret Ingredient Helps
Maintain Cardiovascular Health

"I've found a secret ingredient that no one else is using," he began. "I've added this to my new formula."

"What does it do?"

"It helps the "hidden 30%."

"I'm all ears." I said; "Please explain who or what this hidden 30% is."

"Well, about 30% of the population lacks the ability to make use of an absolutely essential cardiovascular and brain nutrient, and because of this, they become "ticking time-bombs."

I had to ask him the obvious question: "Is that why they say about half the people who have heart attacks have normal cholesterol levels?"

"Some researchers think so." And furthermore, your doctor may not even know about this "hidden 30% problem," because it is pretty cutting edge stuff, but that's what I love, cutting edge research that can actually be turned into beneficial supplements.

"The hidden 30% have a problem that no cholesterol lowering drug can help." They might be told, "your levels are great," and yet still be a "time bomb!"

"I wish everybody knew about this, and I get all up in arms about it. These people shouldn't have to suffer."

"The problem is a blood toxin that damages blood vessels." We all have to deal with this, but not everyone can do it effectively."

About 30% of the population, no matter how much folate they take, will never effectively clear this toxin from their blood. Some of those people will have heart attacks and strokes because of it, regardless of their cholesterol level.

I asked him the obvious question: "How does your formula help these people who would otherwise be vulnerable to the accumulation of this toxin?

It's simple, because they lack one or both of this key set of enzymes needed to do the job of making folate into folinic acid ? so that they can rid their bodies of the toxin ? my formula just gives them the folinic acid directly. It's natural, it's. simple. And, it works.

"By putting a completely natural folinic acid in the formula, we give everyone the capability ? even the "hidden 30%," keep the toxin in check.

"You're kidding!?"

He wasn't.

"I've had to search all over the planet to get this ingredient," he explained. "It's expensive but it's worth it for your health."

"What is it again?"

"It's called 5-formyl-tetrahydrofolate., or folinic acid for short"

He explained that many people have heard of Folic Acid, but few know about Folinic Acid, another nutrient that has always been part of that food supply. 

Folinic Acid is the form of Folic Acid your body can use  to rid itself of homocysteine. As it turns out, not everyone can properly make use of Folic Acid, no matter how much they take. But Folinic Acid is not only usable by everyone, but it will also support a healthy heart and vascular system. 

"But that isn't the most important thing about this formula."

Again, I was all ears.

"Most people think of cholesterol as just one thing," Though a few know that HDL is supposedly "good" and LDL is "bad."

I explained that I knew at least that much, but I sensed I was about to know a lot more.

"If LDL is 'bad,' oxidized LDL is really ugly."

"Keeping your LDL from becoming oxidized should be a health goal for everyone concerned about cardiovascular health." The fact is, most people don't have any way to consistently be certain they are preventing LDL oxidation."

He went on to say that even though it was so critically important, the average family doctor can't test you for it, yet.

"I designed the formula to make it utterly simple to control LDL oxidation every day."

"By making use of the "French Paradox," we make it possible to keep LDL oxidation in check, so that whatever your LDL level, and whether you are on prescription therapy for cholesterol or not, you can dramatically reduce LDL oxidation."

I had heard of the French Paradox, but I was not sure what it was or how it could be put into a supplement, so I asked Dr. Gitterle to explain.

"The French Paradox refers to the fact that, while the French eat very rich food, they have low rates of cardiovascular disease. Of course, this is the opposite of what we are taught to expect by our medical establishment in this country."

"As I said before, there is so much more to the story of cardiovascular health that needs to be told, and this is a big part of it." Knowing the secret of the French Paradox and applying it can save your life"

Wow. I was enthralled, but I wanted to know how this could help me. "It is now very simple for anyone to benefit from the French Paradox."

"You can either drink two glasses of very high quality Bordeaux wine with dinner every night, or you can take Ideal Cardio Formula."

How can a supplement in capsules provide the same benefits as drinking wine, I asked?

"We added a very high quality wine-grape extract, designed for this very purpose of protecting the cardiovascular system, to my Cardio Formula." In addition, I added a larger amount of one wine compound than you could get by drinking a safe amount of wine."

"It is a wonderful, all natural substance found in high quality wine, but you would have to drink more than a bottle of wine each night to get the benefits of the amount you get in a daily serving of cardio formula."

That would be too much wine for me, I said! But how does all this work? What does it do to benefit my vascular system?

"I could go on all day if you let me." The studies are compelling, showing how this nutrient nourishes healthy function --  preventing LDL oxidation is only the beginning. It also relaxes vascular smooth muscle, so that blood vessels are not so stressed. There is also the reduction of platelet dysfunction caused by environmentally mediated oxidation . . ."

I stopped him. Whoa. You lost me there. Environmental what?

"Environmentally mediated platelet dysfunction." In a nutshell, our environment is full of toxins. Those toxins are absorbed by the body and can have a detrimental effect on vital processes. One of the worst effects is paradoxically on one of the smallest structures in the body; the platelet."

I have heard of platelets, but I was never quite sure what they actually did, so I asked . . .

"Platelets are absolutely essential to the blood clotting process. Without them, we would bleed abnormally. But they can also be detrimental when they are damaged by environmental toxins. They can actually cause abnormal clotting.

They can cause blood clots, I asked him?

"Absolutely." And this sort of clotting is exactly the kind that can lead to myocardial infarction or stroke."

'Wow,' I thought. I never expected to know so much about this subject, and yet I was more than a little bit peeved that it had been so oversimplified in the past. This was vital information about my body.

"Since protecting platelet function is so critical to cardiovascular health, I added extra resveratrol to Ideal Cardio Formula." This way, you can get the benefits without having to drink more wine than you should.

Does this mean I can't drink a glass of wine with dinner if I want to, I asked?

"Not at all." He said. It would be perfectly safe."

So by taking your supplement, I can keep bad cholesterol in check, and do all those other things too?

"That is why I created the product. I made it for myself, so that I could take one supplement that would cover all the bases; controlling cholesterol, helping me lower homocysteine, preventing oxidation of LDL, and protecting my blood vessels and platelets." I wanted to be able to get all these benefits without taking 10 extra pills a day!"

I'm not a medical doctor, but after learning all this, all I knew is that I was ready for it, too.

I wanted a bottle.


But he didn't have any.


It's his formula, but he's sold out. He was waiting for funds to clear from retailers who had sold his other formulas and earlier version of the Cardio Formula.

But I wasn't ready to wait...

I paid $12,500 for a bottle you can have for $39

I'm impatient.

I want to reduce cholesterol in me and stay healthy right now. I?m 52 and want to stick around for a long, long time. I?m sure you can relate. So what I did next shouldn?t surprise you.

I offered to pay for his new batch.

"But it's $12,500," he said.

"I'll pay it," I said.

I became an investor on the spot.

But all I really wanted was the bottle.

In short, I'm paying $12,500 for a bottle of capsules that will help me protect my irreplaceable cardiovascular system -- and within 30 days.

The good news for you -- or for anyone you know who is concerned about cardiovascular health -- is you can now get a bottle for only $39 (plus shipping).

That?s just over one dollar a day!

Obviously, that?s a no-brainer. My health is easily worth at least one dollar a day.

Because I made an investment of $12,500, there is now a supply of bottles for you to get for yourself or family or friends. But as soon as word gets out about this new formula containing the secret ingredient , it will sell out quick ? and the waiting period for the next batch may be weeks to months.

If I were you, I'd order it right now.

After all, you?ve got little if you don?t have your health.

Your 90-Day Guarantee

Dr. Marc Gitterle and his team of researchers stand behind this product. Here's what he told me:

"I so believe in my new Ideal Cardio Formula that I'll make this guarantee: Get your cholesterol level checked today. Take the new cardio formula with the secret ingredient every day at dinner for 30 days. Have your cholesterol checked again. You will find it to be up to 30% lower! You must be satisfied or your money back!"

Well, who wouldn't want to try this with a guarantee like that?

Three Ways to Order

You can order the New Ideal Cardio Formula in three ways—

CardioSecret is no longer Available


Look in the mirror again…

Don't you deserve to be healthy?

Donít you want to do everything you can to protect your heart and cardiovascular system?


Donít you want to reduce levels of the blood toxin, homocysteine?

Do you want to give your body the benefits of the French Paradox every day?

CardioSecret is no longer Available

To Your Health!

Dr. Joe Vitale
Author of way too many books to mention here,
including the #1 bestseller The Attractor Factor

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PS—The New Ideal Health Formula contains the secret ingredient that allows anyone to have the ability to lower their levels of the toxic blood product, homocysteine.You can get a Special Report on this: click here. CardioSecret is no longer Available

NOTE: If you are already taking a prescription for your cholesterol, do not stop taking it without your doctor’s approval. Dr. Gitterle suggests that you stay on your current medication for now but add his New Ideal Cardio Formula with the secret ingredient. Take it for two months. Then have your cholesterol levels checked.  >Show your doctor the results and let him or her decide if you are then ready to get off of your medication. Many doctors even want their patients on both, keep them in the loop for maximum cardiovascular protection. For now, get the product and start using it. CardioSecret is no longer Available

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What do the numbers mean?

Have your doctor review your blood test results with you.
Here is a guideline to help you make sense of the numbers:

Total Cholesterol Level
Less than 200 mg/dL Desirable
200-239 mg/dL

Borderline high

240 mg/dL or higher High

Source: National Cholesterol Education Program (NCEP)

"Bad" Cholesterol (LDL)
Less than 100 mg/dL Optimal
100-129 mg/dL

Near optimal / above optimal

130-159 mg/dL Borderline high
160-189 mg/dL


190 mg/dL or higher Very high

Source: National Cholesterol Education Program (NCEP)

Less than 150 mg/dL Normal
150-199 mg/dL

Borderline high

200-499 mg/dL High
500 mg/dL or higher

Very high

Source: National Cholesterol Education Program (NCEP)

"Good" Cholesterol (HDL)
60 mg/dL or higher High
Less than 40 mg/dL


Source: National Cholesterol Education Program (NCEP)